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Outdoor Portrait Session at Wildcat Canyon – East Bay Portrait and Head Shot Photography

Beautiful Outdoor Portrait Head Shot SF Bay Area

Having worked with Katherine before I was excited to have the chance to work with her again. Our goal was to get some casual, natural looking photos for her to use on various social media outlets, and for personal branding and professional use. She wanted to shoot outside – in nature, so we recommended a few of our favorite East Bay parks and settled on the Alvarado Park area of Wildcat Canyon.

Outdoor Portrait by Clayton J Mitchell Photography  Woman Walking Down A Tree Lined Path Bay Area Portrait Photography

Wildcat Canyon is one of my favorite East Bay Parks to work in due to the large variety of background options to choose from in a relatively small area. This park has trails along Alvarado Creek, through Eucalyptus and Redwood trees, and grassy lawns – all accessible with a short and relatively easy hike. This means we spend less time hiking, and more time taking photos, which gives you more variety of images to choose from.

Outdoor Portraits and Head Shots by Alameda East Bay Photographer Clayton J Mitchell Photography Portrait of a Woman by the River by Alameda Photographer Clayton J Mitchell Photography Head Shots for Personal Branding Alameda CA and East Bay Head Shot By Alameda CA Photographer Clayton J Mitchell Photography Woman In A Hat Creative Portrait Sessions for Personal Branding San Francisco Bat Area Casual Outdoor Portraits Alameda and East Bay Portrait Photography Casual Portrait Photography Woman In A Tree

I do a lot of work with people looking to enhance their professional and social media presence with portrait photography, and love working with clients to design a shoot which fits their needs and reflects their unique personality. Please click here for more information and pricing on this type of session, or to schedule your appointment!

Children’s Talent Head Shots – Alameda, CA Portrait Photography

Child Model Head Shot

We love working with kids to get the perfect head shots for their acting or modeling careers. For this type of shoot we like to keep the posing simple and natural. We create a relaxed, no pressure environment, and coach them through the shoot to keep the process stress free and to capture their best look.  Being kids at heart, we keep the session fun and engaging for your child.

Children's Talent Head Shot Children's Portrait Photography Child Actor Head Shot Children's Portrait Photography

Head shot sessions start at $195 for 1 retouched digital file, or $295 for 5 retouched digital files. Prints and additional digital files are also available.

Office Head Shots On Location – Alameda CA Head Shot Photography

We recently did business portraits for the LexTax office in Alameda. They contacted us because they wanted untraditional, casual business head shots to use for their website redesign. Rather than shoot on a standard studio backdrop they requested we shoot outdoors at a location that reflected the spirit of the community. For this shoot we took photographs at and around the Alameda Marina, just a few blocks from their office.

boats at Alameda marina casual business portrait at Alameda marina casual office team portraits on location Alameda CA casual outdoor portrait session Alameda CA outdoor casual business portait at Alameda marina outdoor portrait session at the marina Alameda, CA

We had a great time shooting this two person office and can’t wait to check out their new website. Whether your office is large or small we would be happy to help you get business head shots for your team. We can shoot at our Alameda studio, your office, or any outdoor location. Contact us to book your session today!

How To Know When To Update Your Business Head Shot

We talk a lot about business head shots here. That’s partially just because we do a lot of them, but mostly it’s because we see so many bad head shots out there and really want to help! 90% of our head shot clients start their sessions by telling us that they hate having their photo taken, but by the end of the session they let us know how much fun they had! And having shot hundreds of professional head shots over the years, we’re kind of experts on what does and does not work. So, how do you know if it’s time to update your business head shot? There are a lot of ways to tell, but today we’re sharing the top three that we see all the time.

1) If your shot looks like it could be from a different decade, it’s time for an update! We get that almost nobody is truly excited to have their professional head shot done, but if your photo is still showing off your hairstyle from the 90’s it’s probably a good idea to have a new photo done. A great business head shot showcases your professional persona and should be current to the fabulous person you are today. Sure, 2002 you was awesome, but don’t you think 2013 you is way better? Let everyone else see that too!

2) The expression in your current shot is forced and makes you look fake. You know who you are!! Yes, a lot of people find sitting in front of the camera to be incredibly awkward, so it’s easy to end up with a forced smile that makes you look fake – or worse yet, wearing that deer caught in the headlights look! The solution to this is using a photographer who understands that not everyone is supermodel comfortable in front of the camera, and will guide you step by step for a natural looking result. Let us know a little about you and the professional image you are trying to convey so we can guide you through a range of poses designed to loosen you up, find your best angles, and show off the real you!

3) You’re professionally active on social media and you’re worried your profile pics are getting stale. If you’re all over LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, but have been using the same profile pic forever it’s time for an update! If you’re bored of your current photo, chances are everyone else is too! But when you’re using social media for professional purposes the photos from parties or family portraits that many people put up just aren’t appropriate. A good solution for you is to develop a library of professional images that you can draw upon to swap out your profile pics with something new every so often. Work with your photographer on a longer session that would show off a wide range of outfits and locations so you have a lot to choose from, and can always keep it fresh. Or, make a commitment to yourself to go in for shorter sessions more frequently, and try something different at each session! Regardless of which option you prefer, the key is to get a bunch of great shots that show off the friendly, approachable and professional you!

We’ve posted some of our favorite business head shots below. As you can see, we’ve achieved natural smiles and expressions and are really showing off the unique personality of each individual.

Creative Professional Head Shot Business Head Shot Dentist Head Shot Female Executive Head Shot Office Staff Photo Business Portrait Executive Head Shot Professional Head Shot

The Business Headshot

Okay, so it’s not the most glamorous type of photo shoot but a lot of people need them done. Unsurprisingly, very few people are actually excited to schedule their business head shot session – it’s just something needed for professional purposes.  Don’t worry, I get that! But, I also think the session itself is enjoyable – in fact by the end of the session we are always having  good time. (Yes, I said always!) I respect that you’re a busy professional so I keep this type of session short and sweet.

Your place, or mine?

These days a business head shot can be taken just about anywhere. You can come into the studio, or I can bring the studio to you! If your office building has a gorgeous interior, or amazing views lets consider using that as our location.

Lawyer Office Photo

executive headshot Oakland

If you love being outdoors lets talk about locations when you book your session. A lot of professionals are choosing Mother Nature as their preferred background and the natural light is very flattering!

outdoor business head shot

If you decide to go for the classic in studio look there are a variety of backgrounds to choose from. From a traditional grey to hints of any color in the rainbow, the controlled lighting in studio makes it easy to bring out the best you!

traditional business head shot

I love that she wanted to incorporate her signature color into her images. We paired her pink shirt with a rosy background with great results. Pink is such an unexpected background color for a professional shot, but it really works, don’t you think? The lesson here is to not be afraid to bring your personality into the shoot. It’s these little things that really make a big difference.

feminine business head shot

What to wear?

Keep it simple! Avoid busy patterns, stripes and loud colors. A great business head shot shows off how you are confident, professional and approachable so keep that in mind when choosing your outfit by including a signature accessory.  A collared shirt and jacket is the traditional choice but if you would never wear a suit or tie to work, let’s keep that look out of the shoot. There are a lot of professions where it’s desirable to have a more natural, relaxed, friendly photo – so just be you! Choose pieces you feel confident in, as that will shine through!

Alameda Professional Head Shots