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Dramatic Family Portrait Session at Gray Whale Cove, near Pacifica, CA

With a high fashion concept, and super dramatic location, we knew that this family portrait session was going to be amazing. The photographs did not disappoint! We met at Gray Whale Cove on an overcast afternoon, which acted as a natural soft box to give us a very flattering light. As promised, the family showed up dressed to the nines. Their impeccable styling combined with the breathtaking landscape was the perfect recipe for some pretty amazing family portraits!black and white family photo Family portrait Pacifica CA fun family photos SF Bay Area dramatic family portraits Pacifica CA

During the shoot we photographed the entire family, some of just the kids, as well as some striking portraits of mom and dad!

youth lifestyle photography dramatic couples portraits in the San Francisco Bay Area couples photography black and white childrens portraits black and white couples portrait

We continued the shoot through dusk and were rewarded with high drama, vivid imagery.

dramatic family portrait magazine editorial style family photography high drama family portrait and lifestyle photographer dramatic family portrait session family portrait on the beach elegant outdoor family portrait

We love ending our family portrait sessions with a little unscripted fun time where everyone can get their silly on. 🙂

black and white family portrait and lifestyle photography artistic family portrait silly family photo silly family portraits

Arboreal Entropy, First Edition Standout Mounted Prints Available – Alameda, CA Fine Art Photography

Arboreal Entropy Fine Art Photography

I’m very pleased to be able to share new images from my Arboreal Entropy series with you! This series has turned into a long term project for me, and I plan to expand upon the series and continue adding new pieces. These are the most recent additions that I had printed and standout mounted for display at The Jingletown Jazz Room at Ale Industries during December 2014.

Arboreal Entropy Fine Art Photography

These photos are printed on metallic finish photo paper, and are ready to hang – no frame needed! They’re about 3/4″ thick and the edges are finished with a thin black plastic veneer. The standout mount results in a really slick looking piece of art and I love how it compliments these images.

Arboreal Entropy Fine Art Photography

For a limited time the first edition standout mounted prints of these new images are available for sale through the Art By Clayton shop on Etsy. If you are local and would prefer, you can also contact the studio purchase and pick up in person.

Arboreal Entropy Fine Art Photography Arboreal Entropy Fine Art Photography/ArtByClayton Arboreal Entropy Fine Art Photography


Arboreal Entropy at PS Eatery

Black and white photography hanging at PS Eatery on Park Street in Alameda

On Friday I hung a few of the photographs from my Arboreal Entropy series at PS Eatery in Alameda. I really like the food and the atmosphere at this restaurant so I am really happy to have my work up here! PS Eatery has delicious food and beer served in a casual setting at very reasonable prices and is a great place to eat with friends or to take your family. I hope you’ll join me in supporting this locally owned restaurant by stopping in for a bite to eat next time you are on Park Street!

Arboreal Entropy – Fine Art Photography

As there are no more scheduled showings of my photography series “Arboreal Entropy” I wanted to share the pictures for everyone who was not able to make it out over the summer or earlier this month to see them in person.

Is the term “Arboreal Entropy” simply a fancy way of saying “rotting wood”? Well, yes.

But it strives to mean more, as do these photographs. To be honest, most of these pieces of wood have just been laying around in my yard for years.  For some reason, I did not want to throw them away. Partially because their vaguely anthropomorphic forms look kind of cool, but I think they also say something about our own mortality. Perhaps, within the twisted roots, the dried out crevices, and the encroaching mold, lies a representation of the unknown…

the infinite.

By taking them out of the garden and into the studio, I wanted to see if I could capture what I felt. I shot them the same way I do a portrait – working to find the best angle, using careful and detailed lighting, trying to get my subject to relax in front of the camera… (I’m not kidding – they were tough to balance!)

The resulting images remind me of drawings I saw in a book called “The Elegant Universe” by the physicist Brian Greene.  He was trying to visualize Planck Space, the ultramicroscopic world of subatomic particles. In this tiny world, dimensions fold in upon each other, matter takes very strange forms (if any at all), and time and space are at once so small and so large that they become meaningless in their incomprehensibility.

In the end, I’m not sure if these pictures solve any universal riddles, but I do think they’re pretty to look at.

You can click the images above to scroll through the gallery. Or, you can visit my gallery page to view them larger or to purchase prints.

Wood/You Photo Booth

Wood You Window Display

Thanks to everyone who made it out to Smokey’s Tangle to see my show last Friday. We had a great time and really enjoyed seeing everyone! In case you missed it, the show was photographs from my series “Arboreal Entropy” in the front of the gallery, and we set up the Wood/You photo booth in the back room.

We’ll be sharing photos from this series soon, but first here’s a peek at some of our favorite shots from the photo booth.

Wood You Photo Booth at Smokey's Tangle Rocking out in the Wood You Photo Booth Woman dancing with a piece of wood Playing in the Wood You photo booth Dark Beach in the Wood You Photo Booth

People got really creative so it was really hard to pick just a few to share with you. If you’d like to see all of the shots please visit the gallery.


I’m really excited to be showing my work at Smokey’s Tangle this Friday 10/5. 4709 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA. I hope you can join us for this fun event!

Photographs and Photo booth by Clayton J. Mitchell

Join us for a deconstruction of trees and an examination of arboreal entropy.

Wood/You like to take your picture? Spread out your roots in the Wood/You photo booth. WITH THE ACTUAL WOOD!

Join the festivities around the neighborhood during the quad-annual Autumn Temescal Art Hop.

You won’t be “board”.

Eucalyptus Branch