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Senior Portrait Photography At Redwood Regional Park – Oakland CA


One of our favorite type of sessions to do are Senior Portraits. It is endlessly fascinating to work with young adults as they navigate through this transitional period in their lives.


Our Senior Portrait sessions focus in to capture the individual personality and interests of the client. Earlier this spring, we had the pleasure of working with Cody – a Senior at Clayton Valley High School who plays both Varsity Football and Lacrosse. For his photo session he wanted to get off the field and into nature, so we scheduled the session for one of our very favorite East Bay Parks to shoot in – Redwood Regional Park in Oakland.







One of the reasons why Redwood Regional Park is one of our preferred local parks to shoot in is because there is a variety of natural backdrops and settings all within a reasonably small area. As we did not have any major outfit or “look” changes during this shoot, we were able to get a large selection of photos to choose from all within a one hour portrait session.


Fun fact: Cody designed his own Letterman jacket design to highlight both Football and Lacrosse!






Our main goals for this session were to keep the portraits casual and fun, while highlighting his time and efforts as a member of both the Varsity Football and Varsity Lacrosse teams. We create a relaxed shooting environment to make our clients feel comfortable – even when shooting out in public.






We are pleased to offer portrait photography sessions at Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, CA year round. One hour, two hour, and half day sessions are available with no additional permit fees. Sessions must be scheduled at least one week in advance so we can secure permissions with the park. This location is highly desirable for Senior Portraits, Head Shots, Personal Branding, and Family Portrait sessions.




Class of 2013 – San Francisco Bay Area Senior Portraits

We always have the best time during our Senior Portrait sessions, so we’re really excited for the spring senior season.  Sure, the kids all ready had a session with their school photographer, but we find that those sessions don’t really show off their unique personalities, or reflect any of their interests. So, while some people are perfectly happy with the cookie cutter “fake tux for the guys & velvet drape for the girls” followed by a cap and gown shot that the school photographer provides, we hear over and over from both parents how they want to do a senior portrait that really reflects who they are at this point in their lives. We’re parents ourselves, and our son is in fact a senior this year – so we really understand how important it is to capture this pivotal moment. And, since we have a teen, we also understand that they definitely do not want any dorky photos going out with the graduation announcements!

Industrial Senior Portrait Alameda

Tips for a great Senior Portrait session!

– Location, location, location! This session is all about you so let’s think outside the studio box and shoot somewhere that is meaningful to you. Bonus points – most people are much less nervous in front of the camera when they’re in a familiar space, making your pics look that much better!

– Accessorize! Do you have a signature hat? Or sunglasses you NEVER take off?  We love your style, so bring them to the shoot!

– Share your passion! Senior portraits are supposed to be fun, so think of your photos as a way to express what you love doing. If you’re a musician, bring your instrument. If you’re an athlete, let’s shoot out on the field. Love to dance? We’re totally getting you to dance for some of your shots! Whatever your passion is, share it with us to completely personalize your photos.