We are a family run business with a simple philosophy: the more fun you have, the better your pictures will look! Our goal is to consistently create vibrant, meaningful imagery with a positive and creative energy. We want every customer to love their photos.

I first fell in love with photography at the age of four. One of my earliest memories is holding my father's old 35mm Pentax SLR in my hands. There was something almost magical about all the dials and buttons which could... somehow... capture what I saw and preserve it forever!

That magic stayed with me.

After earning a BA in Photography, I cut my teeth shooting singles as East Coast Manager for Great Expectations (a pre-internet dating service!) Later, I learned the subtleties of portrait lighting as studio manager of a local East Bay Senior Portrait studio from 2001-2005. Eager to broaden my horizions, I launched my own business in 2006 with a commitment to quality imagery, customer service, and a fun-loving, professional attitude. In 2012, my wife Shell took over studio management duties to assist with the growing enterprise.

We now run our operations from the historic Bridgehead Studio, near downtown Park Street in Alameda. An active member of the business community, we are members of the Alameda Business Network and the Greater Alameda Business Association.

...And yes, my father still has that old Pentax. He has promised to give it to me someday. Hope I can still find film for it when he does!

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