Boudoir and Glamour Photography

boudoir photography

(French) A
woman's dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room

(From olde inglesh "Glammyre") To dazzle or enchant with visual mystique

Alluring. Sultry. Sensual. Our boudoir photography is about crafting pictures that are arty, flirty, sexy… and fun! With a fine arts sensibility, a touch of couture, and a little glamour, we will leave you with stunning images that reflect empowerment and femininity!

How does the shoot work?

With a background in fashion & beauty photography, we are experts in making you look good! You don't need to worry about posing (although if there's something specific you have in mind, do let us know) as we will guide you to the perfect pose. Our female assistant will help with stylistic decisions and conceptualization. And if you're a still a little nervous, remember: we have an emergency wine stash at the ready!

How long does it take?

Our boudoir photo sessions are generally about 2 hours long, giving us enough time to get a variety of different looks. We do offer mini-sessions, but if you're getting all dolled up anyway, we highly recommend making the most of the experience!

Pink Hula Hoop Glamour Photo  Black Lace Boudoir Photo

Where do we shoot these?

Sessions can take place at our studio, your own "boudoir" at your own home... or if you really want to get fancy, book a room at one of the Bay Area's stylish boutique hotels! Not only will we have a private location that's prêt-à-porter, you'll then have the room to yourself for the night afterward! Alternatively, our studio has a unique range of props, fabrics, and of course amazing lighting to bring the fantasy to life.

What's included?

We have lots of interesting fabrics & furniture peices at the studio, but you'll need to bring your own outfits, lingerie, etc. Also, we highly recommend having professional hair and makeup for the shoot. You can either hire your own stylist, or just ask about adding hair and makeup when you book. We partner with some of the best MUAs in the Bay Area!

A few days after the shoot, you'll receive a link to a private gallery with your proofs (only you can log in). Here you'll be able to choose your favorite images for retouching. You'll also receive a digital download of your retouched files as well as a Little Black Book - a stunningly adorable little lay-flay album bound in leather (or alternate options for our animal-friendly clients).

Since each shoot is unique, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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