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Business Branding Photoshoot for an amazing Career Coach

Jessica Aebi is a certified career coach, whose business is geared toward helping people take their career to the next level! Jessica not only assists people in finding a job but also helps them reconnect with their inner voice, which may have been stifled due to striving without a purpose, dealing with a challenging boss, or working in an unhealthy work environment. Her motivation is to help hard-working employees escape the box they may find themselves in – whether it’s getting that well deserved promotion, being in a dead-end job and needing to find something better, or sometimes making a roadmap to figure out what they are passionate about. 

Interestingly, she noted there aren’t really any classes or formal education that really helps people achieve this. So, instead of considering it a ‘one and done’ transaction, Jessica views her work with clients as a long-lasting investment in their careers. Her process is timeless as it assists clients in reconnecting with their motivations, desires, and inner wisdom. By utilizing Jessica’s services, her clients gain a fresh appreciation for their career achievements and are able to construct a narrative about their career that they have never been able to do before! This is particularly valuable for clients who find it challenging to communicate their value to others, such as hiring managers or their current boss. She has identified four main objectives in helping folks with their career goals:

  • Career Exploration: figuring out what you’re good at; figuring out what you might want to do if you don’t already know
  • Career transition: for those who are looking to change careers or companies, whether due to burnout, unpleasant work environment, or just something you’re not that interested in
  • Growing in your current job: for those who want to get that promotion or be recognized for the hard work they do that goes under the radar. And…
  • The first 90 days: Setting yourself up for success in your new job! Learn how to stand out in your position and get recognized for the work you do.

I first worked with Jessica in 2015, when I was lucky enough to be the photographer for their beautiful wedding at Stern Grove! Since then, both she and I had made some pivots in our respective careers, so it was really interesting to discover the parallel changes our lives and jobs had taken in that time.

Dramatic wedding photo in redwoods at Stern Grove
I picked the most dramatic photo I could find from their 2015 wedding at Stern Grove 😉

We decided my studio and environs would be the best place for the photoshoot, since we would be able to achieve both ‘office’ look (with some minor rearranging of furniture, lol!) as well as more casual ‘lifestyle’ looks outdoors, in the somewhat urban/industrial area of my neighborhood. 

Career Coach working in her office
In the office
Career coach working in an outdoor patio
Working outdoors
Taking a phone call on some steps
On the phone
Headshot with nature background
At the whiteboard
Lifestyle pose at the estuary

Another advantage to shooting here in Alameda is that one of her clients lives here, and was willing to come in and meet for a “consultation” and get photos showing Jessica working with a client! (Interesting side note.  Due to the pandemic-y nature of our times, Jessica and Karleen had only had Zoom calls and never actually met in person until now!)

Karleen was looking to pivot her career to be a UX designer. And with the help of Jessica she was able to land an amazing job as a Senior Product Designer! You can see a video testimonial about this here.

We booked for a 2 hour slot, but, as is often the case when I get behind the camera… the shoot ran quite a bit longer, topping off at four hours 🤯 The amazing part to me, is that after all this time, Jessica’s energy and smile were as vibrant (if not more so) after four hours of shooting than as hour one! In fact, the “hero image” on header of her website is one of the last photos we shot!

If you are looking to take your career to the next level, I highly recommend reaching out to Jessica for a free consultation. You can follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn. And of course, browse through her website to see more about her, as well as my photos!

Congrats Jessica, on your new website, and your amazing business venture. Thanks for coming in to work with me again! 

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