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The Business Headshot

Okay, so it’s not the most glamorous type of photo shoot but a lot of people need them done. Unsurprisingly, very few people are actually excited to schedule their business head shot session – it’s just something needed for professional purposes.  Don’t worry, I get that! But, I also think the session itself is enjoyable – in fact by the end of the session we are always having  good time. (Yes, I said always!) I respect that you’re a busy professional so I keep this type of session short and sweet.

Your place, or mine?

These days a business head shot can be taken just about anywhere. You can come into the studio, or I can bring the studio to you! If your office building has a gorgeous interior, or amazing views lets consider using that as our location.

Lawyer Office Photo

executive headshot Oakland

If you love being outdoors lets talk about locations when you book your session. A lot of professionals are choosing Mother Nature as their preferred background and the natural light is very flattering!

outdoor business head shot

If you decide to go for the classic in studio look there are a variety of backgrounds to choose from. From a traditional grey to hints of any color in the rainbow, the controlled lighting in studio makes it easy to bring out the best you!

traditional business head shot

I love that she wanted to incorporate her signature color into her images. We paired her pink shirt with a rosy background with great results. Pink is such an unexpected background color for a professional shot, but it really works, don’t you think? The lesson here is to not be afraid to bring your personality into the shoot. It’s these little things that really make a big difference.

feminine business head shot

What to wear?

Keep it simple! Avoid busy patterns, stripes and loud colors. A great business head shot shows off how you are confident, professional and approachable so keep that in mind when choosing your outfit by including a signature accessory.  A collared shirt and jacket is the traditional choice but if you would never wear a suit or tie to work, let’s keep that look out of the shoot. There are a lot of professions where it’s desirable to have a more natural, relaxed, friendly photo – so just be you! Choose pieces you feel confident in, as that will shine through!

Alameda Professional Head Shots

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