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My Unexpected Journey Back to Senior Portraits and Graduation Photos

You know how sometimes things just come full circle? That is what has happened with me and Senior Portraits!

Before I started my own business, I spent several years as studio manager for a mom and pop high school senior portrait studio in Albany CA. They were small, but were the exclusive photographers for several east bay high schools, including Berkeley High, Piedmont High, El Cerrito, Pinole, Skyline, Oakland Tech, and De Anza. In that time, I had amazing experiences shooting not only senior portraits, but proms, sports events and other school functions; not to mention working closely with leadership and even teaching photography to yearbook students! 

However, I’d always dreamed of striking out on my own, and due to the owners leaving the Bay Area, that opportunity came. So when I started my business, senior portraits were definitely still in the wheelhouse, but no longer my main ‘focus’ (pun definitely intended!). 

But then a strange thing happened: the Pandemic 😯

Because of social distancing, many high schools relaxed their classic Tux and Drape yearbook photo policy, and allowed students to submit their own (usually more personality-driven) photos. Because of this, I suddenly started getting a lot more calls for senior portraits and graduation pictures! 

At first, many of them were outdoor portraits. Which is great – I love seeing seniors in an environment that suits them, whether it’s the redwoods, the beach, or the sports field. But some wanted the that ‘classic’ yearbook look, so I started stocking up on senior portrait supplies: the classic formal “Drape”; the “Tuxedo”; and a few Caps & Gowns.  

Lo and behold, here I am, once again, doing senior portraits on the regular! While it’s nowhere at the scale I did before, and despite the fact that it is somewhat seasonal; it’s fun to be getting back to my ‘roots’ – capturing photos of this important transitional moment for high schoolers & college grads (not to mention MBAs , med students and even PhDs!)

If you’d like to learn more about my senior photography, have a look at my Senior Portraits page which explains about the process, pricing, and how to book 🎓

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