Newborn and Infant Photography

Baby Claire

I don’t mean to brag, but babies really like me. Really! Infant sessions are both fun and challenging as you have to be patient and let the baby set the pace. They don’t take direction so it’s best to just go with the flow.

baby in a basket

Luckily Claire was a natural. She had a good nature which made her really easy to work with, plus she is cute as a button. And she liked me. A lot.

Alameda baby photography

Modeling is hard work so we let Claire take a snack break – during which she fell asleep. We took advantage of this to do some of the tummy poses she did not want to do while awake. She’s a sound sleeper so it wasn’t too hard to move her into position.

baby sleeping on pink blanket

smiling baby in pink and white

She has a very sweet smile, don’t you think? But, she’s also not afraid to show off her more serious side.

serious baby photo

Infant sessions take place at my Alameda studio. Here we can control the lighting and temperature to keep baby warm and happy. There is also a bigger selection of backgrounds and props here. However, we can also bring our mobile studio to your home if you have a room with enough open space to set up lights and the background.


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