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Pet photography is always a fun challenge! Fun because I get to spend an hour or two with your furry, four legged loved one, challenging because, well… they don’t always take direction very well! So, I try to let your pet just be their awesome self and start off slow so they can get used to me and the camera.

dog dressed like an elfWhether we do the shoot outdoors or in studio is up to you and depends on what type of shot you are looking for. This little guy above would be right at home on a Christmas card, don’t you think? Well behaved dogs are always welcome in the studio! If you are looking for something more natural your backyard or their favorite park are also great choices!

cute puppy

I consider my own pets to be members of my family, and a lot of my clients feel the same way about their furry friends so I give as much care to a pet session as I would to a family portrait or kids photo session.

siamese cat photo

Cats are a little more challenging to work with than dogs. I love dogs, but I’m truly a cat person at heart! To avoid the stress many cats feel when they are asked to travel I recommend doing cat sessions in your home. My studio is mobile, and there is no extra travel fee for most Bay Area locations. Luna’s owner took the pictures from our session and turned them into a great little book for his wife, which she loved! Let me know how I can help you capture the spirit of your furry friends!

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