Newborn and Infant Photography

Baby Stella & Family

Have we mentioned how much we love babies? Yes, babies and children can be challenging to shoot, but they’re really cute and these sessions are always a lot of fun! Last week we packed up our mobile studio and headed out to Castro Valley to shoot baby Stella and her family.

Stella is a real cutie pie! She loves crawling around and is just starting to learn how to walk. Her brother, Stanley was very sweet with her and if she would start to cry, he would lean in and give her a little kiss!

brother kissing baby sister baby girl wearing white hat family portrait

Doing a session with two kids under 3 years old is definitely a work out! Stella and Stanley both have so much energy, and it is almost always hard to get kids to focus that energy into getting a good photo. We try to keep it light and fun and in the end this was a really great shoot!


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