Diwali Celebration

We recently shot a Diwali celebration in Sunnyvale, CA. There was music, dancing, a fashion show, skits, performances and a whole lot of fun!

boy playing wooden flute grandmother dancing at Diwali celebration woman dancing at Diwali party men dancing at Diwali party Diwali dance celebrating Diwali Indian girls dressed up for Diwali dance at Diwali party family Diwali celebration attire fun Diwali party Diwali dancers colorful Diwali celebration dancing at Diwali celebration silly kids picture girl dancing children's dance routine youth Diwali attire mother and daughter Diwali fashion attire fesitval of lights dance Indian men dancing colorful saris woman at Diwali party Men's Diwali portrait child dance routine dancing at fun Diwali celebration Woman in sari

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